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Zeus Lighting LED Drop in Headlight Bulbs

Zeus Lighting LED Drop in Headlight Bulbs

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Efficient LED lighting technology for your vehicles factory headlight housings! Enjoy a powerful blast of crisp LED lighting straight from your factory headlights. Using CREE LED's, these headlamp bulbs run cooler, use less electrical current, and last longer than conventional halogen bulbs or even HID bulbs!

(Conversion housings are required for vehicles originally equipped with sealed beam headlight bulbs)

LED's used: 2PCS CREE 1512
Voltage required: DC12V-24V
Beam Angle:360°
High beam: 1800 Lumens each
Low Beam: 1600-1200 Lumens each
Color: 5500k

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Q: How do I know what style my vehicle calls for?
A: There are many bulb replacement guides on the internet. Google is your friend, if you still have issues, contact us and we can try to find out for you.

Q: What kind of warranty do these have?
A: The same warranty the rest of our lighting products have, limited lifetime. If they fail for as long as you own them, we will replace them.

Q: Are these DOT compliant?
A: Yes, in both the United States, and Canada.

Q: What housings will these work well in?
A: Due to the vast number of housings on the market today, both stock and aftermarket, we can't test them all. However due to the 360 degree beam pattern from these headlights we anticipate they will yield great results in many stock or aftermarket housings meant for a halogen bulb. These also work well in most aftermarket projector housings.

Q: What is the color temperature?
A: 5500k 

Q: I have H4 housings, what bulbs do I need?
A: The H4 headlights will fit your H4 housings,

Q:My vehicle calls for a 9003 headlight bulb, which you don't offer. What do I do?
A: The H4 Bulb is compatible with vehicles that originally came with 9003 bulbs.

Q: My headlights use separate bulbs for both the high and low beams, what do I need?
A: You will need a kit for the high beams, as well as low beams if you want to convert your headlights completely to LED's.

Q: What is the life expectancy of these?
A: Approximately 30,000 hours.

Q: Will these interfere with my radio reception like HID's do?
A: No, if you have an issue with interference, chances are you need to clean up your grounds.

Q: Do I need a new wiring harness?
A: No, these will plug and play into your factory wiring.

Q: What exactly comes in each kit?
A: a pair of lights, fans, drivers, wiring with plugs, and installation instructions.

Q: Are these compatible with the "Canbus" system used in newer Jeeps and Chrysler products?
A: We have experienced a few instances of light "flicker" on some models, specifically when operated in colder temperatures. The easiest way to get around this issue is by using an "HID anti-flicker harness" which we currently do not offer, but can be easily found on the internet and will plug right into your existing wiring.

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