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Why Olympus?

Stringent quality control and Lifetime warranty.

Every Zeus Light (headlights excluded) is assembled by our team of 6 employees in Olympus Off Road's own 3500 square foot facility using circuit boards made to our specifications and existing housings. This ensures internal quality control unmatched by the many “resellers” of the LED lights found flooding the market. Each light undergoes a waterproof test requiring the lights to remain 100% waterproof when submerged for 26” for an hour. After this test each light is powered up to ensure it works and performance has been unaffected. This allows us to be confident we are supplying a quality product and we back it up with our lifetime warranty.

Our 3500 square foot facility employs 6 people led by Jiade Chen "Sunny" is located in Ningbo, China.

Quality components.

Each light features American made CREE LED's, copper based circuit boards with a built in RFI filter and relay to ensure smooth power, circuit protection, and deliverance of 96% of power to the LED's.

You are supporting fellow Off Road Enthusiasts.

Olympus was founded by off-roaders, for off-roaders. Profits on products sold goes towards our race team which currently competes in the W.E.ROCK Dirt Riot series, King of the Hammers, with future plans to compete in ECORS, Jeepspeed, and the W.E.ROCK competitive rock crawling series.

Customer Service.

We are wheelers, we know what wheelers want in a company that supplies their hobby with quality parts and services. There is a chance we will see you out on the trails someday and we only want to hear good things coming from our peers. This drives us to do our best to ensure you have the best experience possible dealing through Olympus.


The lighting market has recently been flooded with vendors from all over the world who will claim most anything to gain your business. We don't lie or make up “facts” in hopes to gain a customer.