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Small Soft Shackle

Small Soft Shackle

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Part Number:ATVSSF

A Hawse Fairlead is designed to let the cable slide across the smooth aluminum surface. If you are pulling at an extreme angle there can be a bit of friction between the cable and the fairlead. The roller eliminates that, especially at high angle pulls.

The Hawse gives a bit better approach angle, and has less to break if you hit an obstacle with it. Can you run synthetic line with a roller fairlead - Yes? There are Delrin rollers specifically made for synthetic lines, However the Delrin Rollers are often more expensive than a good Hawse.

You need to run an aluminum Hawse if you go synthetic. A standard Roller steel fairlead would be too hard on the rope.
If you start out with wire cable, you'll probably want to replace the fairlead,especially if you have used the winch much at all. The Steel cable causes little burrs on the fairlead that would chew up and or degrade synthetic rope.

A Roller type fairlead may void some manufactures warranties. Please check with your manufacture for specific details.

  • Color: Black

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