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Large Hawse Fairlead Black

Large Hawse Fairlead Black

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What is an A.R.E. Soft Shackle? It is a 3/4 inch thick by 12 inch long stranded blend of pure awesomeness! ARE Softs Shackles are made from Arachni Recovery Equipment Spidersilk.
Spidersilk Winch line is the strongest most durable blend on the planet. Spidersilk was first designed to be used on winch lines and ropes. The ropes are made with a unique blend giving them superior strength to anything on the market.

As time went on people also requested winch line extensions and recovery rope options. We took the blend back to the drawing board and used the same material to make a safe alternative to standard shackles.

Soft shackles are safer than traditional shackles as they do not turn into a projectile if a failure occurs. They are much easier to use, they won’t freeze solid like traditional shackles nor will they seize due to salt water exposure dirt grime or dirt. A.R.E. Soft Shackles are designed to get you unstuck safely!

  • Color: Camo
  • Size 3/4 Inch x 12 Inch

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