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JK One Ton Heavy Duty Steering Upgrade Kit D.I.Y.

JK One Ton Heavy Duty Steering Upgrade Kit D.I.Y.

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Part Number:B4WK1146
If you are looking for a serious upgrade for the steering on your Jeep JK, this is the steering kit that you need.  This 1 ton kit uses quality heavy duty components that will stand up to all the trail abuse that you can throw at them.  This kit will require cutting the tubing to the proper length for your application, and welding in the provided tube inserts.  The tie rod ends are plug and play on every part of the JK except for the pitman arm, your pitman arm will need to be reamed to the proper taper (7° or 1.5 inch per ft).  If you do not have a reamer we have one here with the proper taper.  This kit is designed to be ran under the knuckles in the factory location.  
Kit Contents:

Stock wheels will require 1.5" wheel spacers, or you will need a 17" wheel with 4.5 inches of backspacing or less!