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Gen 2 HS Series Light Bar 116W   - 20"

Gen 2 HS Series Light Bar 116W - 20"

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The Gen 2 HS Light Bars give you more control over the light you want. Flip a switch and the outer flood light come on, flip another switch and the center spot lights come on. You can have a lot of light or just a little. By combining the best 10W and 3W chips on the market we give you an amazing amount of light without sacrificing a lot of weight and space. Do you want to mount your light from the side - Use the side mounts, do you want to mount your light from the bottom? Use the bottom mounts. We give you the best of everything in one compact light!! Grab the Gen 2 HS Light and blow the darkness away!!

·        116 watt

·        12 x 3 8 X 10W watt LED’s

·        11020 Lumens

·        Operating Voltage 12V- 24V

·        Cree 3W / 10W High Power LED Chips

·        35 Degree Flood Beam ( 3W )- 10 Degree Spot Beam ( 10W )

·        6063 Aluminum Housing

·        Durable Fade Resistant UV 3800 Polyester Powder coat

·        50,000 + hour LED lifespan

·        Operating Temp -40C + 125C

·        3m Waterproof IP68 Certified

·        Over / Under Voltage Protection

·        Vibration Certified

·        Electrically protected against RFI/EMC interference