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GM 14 Bolt High Clearance Shave Cover

GM 14 Bolt High Clearance Shave Cover

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Part Number:B4W375101
The 14 bolt is a great axle, they are inexpensive, strong, easy to find and affordable to build. However they have always had one down fall, the huge lip on the bottom that gets hung on ever thing on the trail. Barnes 4WD has come up with a solution to this issue, our GM 14 Bolt 3/8" Shave Cover. This cover will give you more than 1 1/4" of ground clearance, there is no need to have your gears turned or perform complicated welding or machining processes that only add more cost to your axle build. All that is required is to bolt the diff cover to your axle and cut off the extra lip. This can be done with simple tools, you can do it yourself and we GUARANTEE THEM FOR LIFE! Like all of our diff covers they are made from 3/8" plate and machined flat after they are welded to insure that you will have a flat surface for proper sealing to your axle. We do recommend using allen head bolts on our GM 14 Bolt Shave