A.R.E. Synthetic Soft Shackle

Price: $30.00
Most Colors are in stock Ready to Ship However custom Colors take on average of 2 weeks. Please contacts us if you additional assistance.

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It is now Black Friday and that means we are moving into unbeatable deals on the products we offer for the entire Holiday Season! 


This Listing is for one of our...wait for it..... Legendary Synthetic Shackles. 

3/8" X 30K breaking Strangth

You can choose a random Color be shipped to you or choose whatever color you want including an option for a custom color


A.R.E. is known for its strength quality warranty and rugged good looks. 


We now offer many colors including our industry first camo and USA colored ropes.

Shackles are Normally 30 and now you can get one for as low as $19


Yes we said $19 and there is no catch!! Just buy it and were going to mail it to you!! This incredible deal has never been offered and we are confident that you will love your product so much you’re going to tell everybody about it!! So please do we have a lot of ropes ready to ship and they need a good home!! 


Arachni Synthetic Rope is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet, at the same time, is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. 

Shackles are rated up to 30,000 Lbs and made with a kevlar blend.

Fibers of Arachni consist of long molecular chains produced from poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide. The chains are highly oriented with strong interchain bonding which result in a unique combination of properties.


 General Features of Arachni Rope:


         High Tensile Strength at Low Weight

         Low Elongation to Break High Modulus (Structural Rigidity)

         Excellent Dimensional Stability

         High Cut Resistance

         Flame Resistant, Self-Extinguishing


These 12-Strand Soft Shackles are extremely strong with minimal stretch and very good abrasion resistance. Ropes are urethane coated for extra abrasion resistance.



·        Key Material: Poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide (kevlar)


·        Diameter: 3/8"

·        Rated Strength: 30,000 lbs

·        Warranty: 3 years, no questions asked

*Please allow up to 15 days lead time during the Holiday Season unless otherwise noted .



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