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ARE Superline 7/16 x 100 - Black With Red Shackle

ARE Superline 7/16 x 100 - Black With Red Shackle

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Part Number:ARESPLBR

A.R.E. Superline is made from the same industry-leading Spidersilk blend that has taken the Recovery World by storm. Using our unique blend of materials we give you a winch line that is stronger and more durable and is backed by an Industry leading 3 year warranty. No other winch line will out pull or out last. When you Use Arachni Recovery Equipment you know you are going to “Recover With The Best”


Winch Rope requires the use of a hook or some form of Aftermarket metal object to hook onto the recovery point. Metal Objects can be a projectile and the use of soft shackles has become standard place in many forms of rigging and recovery.

Soft shackles work great and we have combined a soft shackle and winch line in one unit! Now you can pull line and hook up and know you are using a safe and secure method for recovery.

When using a shackle for recovery we know that wear and tear will occur, to help extend the life of the winch line we coat the shackle end of the rope with a rubberized abrasion coating to help with protecting your shackle.

Due to this rope using is a 12 strand style braid, we added a layer of Technora to the drum side of the winch. Technore has an extremely high resistance to heat and is a great protector against hot Winch temperatures. The Technora sleeve is colored red to also warn the user when they are approaching the last 10 feet of the winch rope. It is important to not pull the last wrap off the drum. ARE Superline also incorporates a Rock Guard protector on the recovery side of the winch.

Lastly, since this rope is made in a normal 12 strand style rope, should an issue occur, the user can easily field splice the rope allowing for continued use! 




ARE Super Line Features


7/16 X 100 Feet

Rated Breaking Strength: 30,000 Lbs 

10 foot Technora Heat Guard

Integrated Soft shackle on the Recovery side of the Winch line

Rubberized protective Abrasion coating.

Rock Abrasion Guard


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