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3/4" X 20 Ft. Kinetic Recovery Rope - Black on Black

3/4" X 20 Ft. Kinetic Recovery Rope - Black on Black

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Only 20 Available with This Package. 

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What is an A.R.E. Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope? 
It is a 3/4" thick by 20 foot long stranded blend of pure awesomeness!!

A.R.E. Ropes were first designed to be used on winches. The ropes are made with a unique blend giving them superior strength to anything on the market. 

As time went on people also requested winch line extensions and recovery rope options. We took the blend back to the drawing board and modified the Rope to allow for much more stretch than previously needed. With a winch rope, you want a strong rope that won't stretch out for a stable pull, however, for a recovery rope you want a rope that is going to take the energy of the pull and translate that into getting the vehicle unstuck rather than breaking a line. 

A.R.E. Kinetic ropes are designed to get you unstuck!

Whether it is Snow mud water or anything... c. Kinetic ropes have the strength and force you need to get out.  

The Amazing Stretching ability of the rope allows the driver of the pulling rig to drive away from the stuck rig without fear of damaging either vehicle due to the harsh transfer of energy that normal ropes and straps inflict. 

Do not attach rope to any part of the vehicle that is not structurally  sound and or not intended for recovery. 

Do not use a hitch ball and or tow hitch for recovery. This is not a sound option and the hitch and or accessories have the potential to become deadly projectiles. 

Use Extreme Cation when recovering a vehicle and ensure that nothing is in between the vehicles nor are there any person in the area. 
While ropes have been tested and and are structurally sound to 60,000 Lbs, failure can lead to extreme injury and or death. Failure of recovery points can be fatal. 

Exercise Caution when recovering a vehicle.  

Rope is covered under our 3 year no hassle warranty. You break it we replace it... Only * is if rope is cut with an object or pulled through rocks and the rope gets frayed... this is not covered. 

  • Length: 20 feet
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Rated Strength: 45,000 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years

    Up to 1 Week Lead time due to Orders. Becuase this is a Specific purchase to Project simple jeep for Extra Entries we are unable to cancel orders after the Drawing. 

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