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240w 40" Dual Row Colored LED

240w 40" Dual Row Colored LED

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Part Number:ZDR240WC

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Add a little color to your rig! Our light bars using colored LED's provide a much more vibrant color with no loss of light output compared to a light bar using traditional snap-on tinted lenses. Aside from the unique looks, each color  does serve a purpose!

Blue - Good for snow does not reflect off of Snow as normal light does.

Red - Does not affect night vision however it does reflect of off particles such as dust and snow and does not light up a bright area. Also good for fishing.

Amber - Great for dusty and or snowy environments... cuts through dust to provide the light on the road rather than a cloud of reflected particles.

Green - Good for hunting... animals do not see the green light as they would normal light allowing for the hunters to see animals better without fear of scaring them.

Wiring harness with relay and switch is included!

Output Color Options: RED - BLUE - GREEN - AMBER  
Amp draw (14V): 13.05
LED Module: 120 X 3W 
Lumens (LM): 16000
Full Length: 44 ½ inches
Endcap Length: 42 inches
Light Length: 40 ¼ inches
Full Height: 4 ¾ inches
Light Height: 3 ⅜ inches
Depth: 3 ½ inches

All Zeus Light Bars and Pod Lights sold by Olympus Off Road use circuit Boards made specially to our specifications, and are assembled in house utilizing existing Aluminum housings.