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1 Ton Offset Tie Rod Crossover Steering Kit

1 Ton Offset Tie Rod Crossover Steering Kit

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Part Number:B4W0029KH
Barnes 4wd is proud to offer the best offset crossover steering kit on the market, complete with high quality 1 ton tie rod ends.  This kit is a huge upgrade over your stock steering, bigger tie rod ends, stronger 1.5"O.D. x 1/4" wall D.O.M..  All of the inserts in this kit have a machined hex, so all of your steering adjustments can be made with an open end wrench.

About the tie rods: 

  • Offset tie rod ends:  The offset tie rod ends are a high quality heavy duty version of the GM 1 ton tie rod ends (part# OS2234LOS2234R).  
  • High angle tie rod end for the pitman arm:  Since the tie rod end at the pitman arm generally sees more misalignment than the rest of the steering system the high angle joint is usually the best here.  The taper on the high angle tie rod end is also larger but the same angle (7° or 1.5" per ft) so you may have to ream your pitman arm deeper to accommodate this tie rod end, we offer the reamer here

Here are the parts that are included with each kit: