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1 1/4 Heim Joint 3 Link Suspension Kit

1 1/4 Heim Joint 3 Link Suspension Kit

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Part Number:B4W0046K

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This is a complete, high quality 3 link suspension kit with all the parts you need to install a three link suspension on your rig at home.  All the parts in our three link kit are made to stand up to the abuse that Rock Crawlers and Trail Rigs see and then some.  This kit includes our heat treated chromoly heim joints, these are high quality heim joints with great longevity.  Depending on your needs we have also included the option for 1 1/4" heim joints or 7/8" heim joints for your upper control arm.  We recommend 1 1/4" joints for heavier rigs and hardcore offroad rigs, the 7/8" upper is a good option for lighter rigs and the occasional off-roading.   

The kit includes: 

 This is great for the do it yourself fabricators looking do their own 3 link system.

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